Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What If They Mean What They Say?

Excellent question from Shoshana Bryen at Gatestone.

What if they mean what they say?

I am asking this particularly of the squishy, ugly, emasculated Jewish left that is constantly screeching about how HATE SPEECH CREATED THE HOLOCAUST.

So, if hate speech, and hateful words led to the Holocaust (by their logic) then how come hate speech coming from current Islamic jihadist Nazi-like regimes are somehow exempt from this theory?

Why should we have taken Hitler's "hate speech" seriously, but not Turkey's?

If hateful speech against Jews must be silenced, as per Lefty's request then why isn't Iran's hate speech and Turkey's hate speech not being taken seriously?

"When Mein Kampf was published, many people thought Hitler's words were just words. They were wrong. Not only did he believe them, he put what power he had behind them; if he'd had nuclear weapons, he would have used them. How is it possible, then, to watch the acquisition of nuclear technology and more destructive means of terrorism by those who preach the annihilation of others – whether Israel, South Korea, or the United States is the object of their hatred -- and choose to believe they do not mean what they say?"

Exactly. When genocidal power freaks say something-we ought to consider their words as threats-not as crazy talk.

When "neo-Nazis" in a Canadian basement, at their computer say something "genocidal" we cannot have the same response-this is what is totally lost on the Jewish left. No sense of proportion. No clue about the fact (and it is a FACT) that the Keegstras and the Zundels do not have nuclear arsenals as their aspiration, nor do they have conventional armies at their disposals.

If there is one thing I really can't stand, it's leftist Jews.


They make me sick and endanger civilization with their feckless, reckless pursuit of ghost Nazis and their absolute stubborn and obstinate blindness to the current dangers facing the Jewish people and the entire world. 

If "hate speech" was really their concern-they would be taking Iran and all of the Islamic worlds a little more seriously.

But "hate speech" and "hate" is not their primary concern. It's about control. 

I see through your superficial utopian blindness, my leftist Jewish brethren-and I'll never let up.

And that's a promise, not a threat. Unfortunately-it's hard for them to discern the difference, but that's their problem, not mine.