Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American Decline

This is such a sad story. 

So many tortured elements in one article, it's hard to know what is the most disturbing.

First of all-who in the hell calls the police and handcuffs an 8 year old child? What kind of cretin police officer handcuffs a child? I don't care what kind of "tantrum" it was-an 8 year old girl cannot be handcuffed and jailed in a civilized society.

Then, read the article.

The girl's name is Jmyha Rickman.

Now we already know that odd sounding names put certain people at a disadvantage. Some kids start out life disadvantaged because their parents are total morons who-in this case-didn't realize that the letter "y" was not a sufficient application of vowel sounds for an easily pronounceable name.

The child has no parents in the picture-just a "guardian".

And the stupid school is named "Love Joy Elementary School".

For real.

This could just as easily be called-everything dysfunctional in the African American community today. And the police-black or white, are just as reprehensible as the alleged adults, the absent parents who have failed this child from her birth.