Tuesday, March 5, 2013

War on Boys and Men

I am very suspicious of the diagnosis "ADHD".

It used to be that people recognized that boys had ants in their pants. Now just being a boy is considered unacceptable, so legions of boys are having drugs shoved into their systems-at their parents' and teachers' bequest, making them unstable, dysfunctional half zombies. 

I find it totally disgusting.

This is the real war on boys and men, and you will find that it is mostly a war promoted and fought by women. The dads and the other men just step aside.

If there is such thing as "ADHD"-is there a 100% universal set of diagnostic criteria? If not-I call bullshit. 

If all the diagnostic criteria are subjective, I'd say we have to seriously examine why we are standing by when hundreds of thousands of innocent young boys are being turned into drug addicts for no other reason than their excess energy, restlessness and other boy-behaviours are troublesome to the adults around them.

Who benefits from this? Yes-pharmaceutical companies for sure. The therapy industry. The social work industry. And then-they become a block that supplies the adult help/therapy/pharma industry for years to come.

Stop drugging children.