Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Instapundit: Public School Insanity

Well said-as usual. 

This is perhaps the last word on Pop Tart Hysteria.

I think I am IN LOVE with this paragraph.

"When schools and teachers react hysterically to such non-threats, they're telling us one of two things: Either that they lack the ability to respond realistically to events or that they recognize that there's not any sort of threat, but deliberately overreact in order to stigmatize even the idea of guns. The first is educational malpractice; the second is educational malpractice mixed with abuse of power. Neither inspires confidence in the educational system in which they appear."

"Happily, my kid is past the public-school stage. But if I were the parent of a young child, I'd think twice before enrolling him or her in public schools today. When innocent behavior can get a kid hauled off by the police, and subjected to God-knows-what sort of pyschiatric interventions, the dubious reward isn't worth the risk."

The solution to dreadful public school education is a) tearing down the entire system and building it from scratch (worked wonderfully when Imperial Japan was nuked and Nazi Germany finally had the shit kicked out of it), b) homeschooling or c) private schools