Monday, March 4, 2013

"Belgian" Attitudes Toward Jews

Basically can be summed up as "get the hell out".

But the headline is rather misleading. It's not really "Belgian" attitudes toward Jews that are the problem (although I am quite sure they are not brilliantly glowing attitudes). The problem seems to be-ahem-the attitude of Belgian based Muslims toward Jews. 

Read this synopsis from Gatestone. 

"Last month, Joods Actueel, a Jewish monthly in the Belgian city of Antwerp, which has a relatively large population of 20,000 Jews, published the shocking results of a survey among almost 4,000 schoolchildren between 14 and 18 years old."

"The survey, conducted by Mark Elchardus, a sociology professor at Brussels University, showed that up to 75% of Muslim youths in the city harbor anti-Semitic feelings."


Not to Mark Steyn, of course. 


Note that delightfully, Islamic antisemitism is an equal opportunity hatred:

"The survey conducted by Prof. Elchardus also showed that Islamic anti-Jewish feelings are widespread among all socio-economic and ethnic groups, regardless of whether the pupils are from richer or poorer families, whether the parents consider themselves moderate and progressive or traditionalist, or whether they are of North African or Turkish origin. This leads to the conclusion that the anti-Jewish sentiments are caused by Islam, and not by socio-economic factors."

Imagine that.

Paging Bernie Farber! Paging Douglas Murray! Paging leftist Jews!

Please pick up the La La La Can't Hear You courtesy phone in the lobby!