Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Healing Words

When we dance it feels like it’s a dream
I feel like I’m floating on a cloud
I forget about the pain

This stanza is from a wonderful article from BLOOM-a blog and magazine dedicated to Special Needs Disability parenting. It's a great read, and I always find articles that inspire, and touch my heart, and often remind me of bits of my own life.

Louise does a fantastic job bringing these stories together. 

I thought this was also a stunning verse:

…I credit half our success
To pear trees blossoming white
Beyond your left shoulder,

To the wisteria—
its pink flowers hanging
lush and fragrant
over the portico,
To the warmth of your hand. 

So beautiful.

Often, all people need is the touch and warmth of the human hand.

You don't have to give very much to give a great deal to a fellow human.