Monday, March 18, 2013

DUDE!! Littlest Hero of America!

Absolutely amazing!

A 9 year old boy and his friend saved a little baby in America-what a little dude!

"I had him in my arms and still screaming over and over.  Then I ran outside. I saw two boys playing across the street and I yelled, 'go ask your parents to call 911,'" said Susanna.

Ethan Wilson and Rocky Hurt were tossing a football in a front yard.

"I was thinking we better go out there to help and actually call 911 instead of getting scared," said Wilson.

Rocky then ran over to help.

"He came in and I had my hand on my baby's chest just screaming and the little boys said, 'put two fingers on his stomach,'" said Susanna.  "He said, ‘press down five times,' so I did five compressions, and then he said, ‘breathe in his mouth.'"

"After a few minutes little Isaiah belted out a loud cry. An ambulance arrived moments later".