Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ezra Takes One For the Team

Last night I read Ezra's apology for "collective judgement" or some such nonsense.

It was quite excruciating to read, and I imagine even more so to write, and then get it lawyered up. Ugh.

Here are my thoughts about the matter.

I think that Ezra's track record is pretty incredible so far. He's taken a lot of hits and unfortunately, this time-probably for many reasons-he has to eat a massive sh&t sandwich on this one.

Oh well!

Can anyone among us say that we haven't had to sample that kind of gourmet cuisine at some point in our lives?

At every job, in every marriage, in every friendship and in every relationship there are ups and downs and compromises. We just can't have it our way all the time.

So before anyone dares condemn Ezra, or express disappointment or whatnot, they ought to damn well examine how many battles they have fought and tally up their own wins and losses for various causes.

This apology was craptacular, but this too, shall pass.

To me, the whole kerfuffle is more a reflection on the fact that we really and truly do not have free speech in Canada.

And before the Canadian left gloats too heartily, I would remind them-and anyone else reading that just because someone is forced to do something by the state, or by an employer-that doesn't make it right or moral and it certainly doesn't guarantee that public opinion is on that side.

If Ezra Levant had to swallow his pride and a massive crap sammich, in order to perhaps stay gainfully employed, or to keep SUN TV on the air-then in my view, that's a reasonable thing to do. There isn't a single person amongst us who hasn't stiffed a comment in their belly, or held off from telling someone to piss off because they had the bigger picture in mind.

So, lefty can gloat about this battle-but this is just a momentary and temporary blip and it certainly ain't the war.

Conservatives and us Bully Bloggers are still plodding on, and this one distasteful-and in my opinion-completely necessary and ridiculous apology-will not make a huge amount of difference in the long run or in our efforts on behalf of free speech and liberty.

And that's a promise!