Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free the Bully Bloggers!

Great post about the Bully Bloggers from Eye on a Crazy World. 

Read the whole thing!


"These so-called Bully Bloggers are characterized, in certain cases incorrectly, as "right-wing." What they do share is a belief that there are hypocritical, dishonest public figures in politics, unions and the media who are trying to shape opinion and influence culture and legislation, while attempting to suppress the free expression of ideas that dissent from theirs."

"Bully Bloggers get called names and worse, but they can take it. Anyone seeking to shape public policy should be able to handle a few insults, and if they can't, they have no place in the public sphere. But in the end, assuming thoughts and beliefs and most importantly, genuine facts can be expressed freely, then we should have faith that the best ideas and people will prevail."

"When they do, you might take time to consider the Bully Bloggers out there doing hard, often thankless groundwork for those victories. And unlike being a Human Rights Commissioner, the work Bully Bloggers do actually requires backbone."