Friday, March 1, 2013

Excellent: Why Do Some Liberals Become Conservatives?

A very well written piece from PJ Media. 

Some of my best friends are "converts"!!

They have all described different parts of the process to me-the unraveling, the nagging feeling that something wasn't adding up.

"The whole thing rarely happens overnight, although it can. It resembles tearing down a structure and building a new one brick by brick. The final collapse of the first building tends to be the quickest part, with the changer now perceiving that structure as having been a house of cards, essentially fragile, although previously the person had been unaware of that fact."

"At some point changers usually become hungry for knowledge. Reading more and more writers on the right (sometimes for the first time), and/or talking to more people on the right, they discover a number of simpatico souls where they had thought there would be none. Ultimately, they find a coherent philosophy and their place in it."

This is a great read via Instapundit.