Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Can't Men Just Be Men?

The columnists thinks that the current James Bond has wrecked it for regular men. 

Full disclosure-I loved Daniel Craig until I realized he was an Obama Zombie.

He says:

"There was a time when Bond was a man in a safari suit with a gun in one hand, a Martini in the other, a cigarette in the mouth and a cheeky glint in his eye. On skis or in space, he was a gentleman whom the ordinary punter could both admire and aspire to be."

That's definitely a good way of looking at it. There is something to be said for manly men. But I think that men's emasculation can be more accurately blamed on women-and particularly on feminists and leftists.

The men who wax their chests are completely ridiculous, as are the ones who shave their faces so closely that it really does resemble a woman's face. Yuck. They speak in whispers, are afraid to open a door for a woman for fear of getting screamed at in public about how "infantilizing" that is.

Women are women-with women's brains, strengths, hormones and weaknesses. Men are men-and should do manly things.  The people who so vigorously try to dissemble traditional roles and destroy traditional roles are, themselves, miserable creatures-so they want to take the whole planet and the whole of humankind down with them.

But good sense does often prevail. As a good friend once said to me:

"Women are from Earth. Men are from Earth. Get the f&ck over it."