Thursday, July 10, 2014

Interview With David Mamet in Israel


Very smart guy.

I actually love that he stopped the production of his play when a bunch of progressive morons tried to 'gender fluidify' his play. 

Here's an interview with him from The Jerusalem Post. 

"Asked to comment on the fact that he is coming back just at the moment when it seems as if a third intifada may be starting, Mamet answers the question, as he answers many questions, with a joke."

“Do you know the old Jewish joke about Abie and Sadie? Abie says to Sadie, ‘When we were little kids in the shtetl and the Cossacks came, you were there. When Hitler, may his name be erased, invaded, you were there. When I had my heart attack, you were there. Sadie, you’re a f**king jinx."

"Well, I hope I’m not a f**king jinx.”