Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sorry America, If You Can't Have a Bake Sale Without Federal Intrusion, You Are Not A Free Country

I like the line about it being impossible to raise funds for schools by selling carrots.

Nicely played.

However-the deeper truth is that a puffed up, stuffed up federal bureaucracy simply has no business at the bake sales of school children. 

Someone, in fact many people, need to tell the government to shove their muffin meddling up their wazoos. 

If some idiot bureaucrat in Washington, D.C can regulate and make proclamations and order individual citizens, students and parents around regarding the number of bake sales that they can hold in Tennessee, then I'm sorry-you are not a free people or a free country.

Tea sparked a revolution for freedom on your fine shores.

How ironic then is it, that a gross infringement on personal liberty via a simple cupcake could be the beginning of the end of liberty in America just a short few hundred years later?