Friday, July 11, 2014

The First Post-American President and the First Jew-Hating American Administration

Isn't it interesting how President Obama wants to broker a cease fire between Israel and Hamas only after Hamas started to get its ass kicked in the Gaza strip, and Israel started to amass troops and is preparing for a ground war?

If you were a regular person, you might assume that President Obama is more worried about Hamas than Israel, wouldn't you? 

This has been a terrible week for Israel, but an even more dreadful one for US-American relations which have never been worse or more harmful to Israel.

Ben Shapiro identifies it as an 'almost' Jew-hating, but certainly Israel-hating administration. 

Do read Caroline Glick's excellent column:

Hamas' (and Iran's) Fail Safe Strategy

"Jew-hatred is endemic in the Muslim world. Going to war against Israel is a tried and true method of garnering sympathy and support from the Muslim world. At a minimum it earns you the forbearance, if not the support of the US and Europe. And you get all of these things whether you win or lose."

"As for Hamas, from the outset of Hamas’s previous missile campaigns in 2009 and 2012, the Obama administration made it clear to Israel that it would not tolerate Israeli strikes that were sufficiently comprehensive to wipe out Hamas’s capacity to continue attacking Israel. In other words, President Barack Obama chose to protect Hamas – an illegal terrorist organization, waging a war of indiscriminate, criminal missile strikes against Israeli civilians – from Israel."