Friday, July 11, 2014

Touching: 3 Year Old Cancer Patient Is Sworn in As America's Youngest Sheriff

OK this is just beautiful. 

When you get cynical, and feel like crap, or feel sorry for yourself think about a 3 year old going through cancer treatment and the magnificent response of the Huntington County Sheriff's Office.

"As a tribute to his courage throughout his treatments, an Indiana sheriff and a state trooper visited Wyatt at his room in Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, giving him the powers of a sheriff deputy – as well as a badge and uniform.  Terry Stoffel, a sheriff for Huntington County, noted that the title is an official designation."

"We have given Wyatt all the powers of a real sheriff deputy, which are to carry out the orders of the sheriff. Right now, his only orders are to get better,” Stoffel said."

"According to doctors at Riley Hospital, such acts of kindness can really help to make children well again."