Monday, May 8, 2017

A Disgusting, Gratuitous and Posthumous Insult to Free Speech Down Under

I used to think Aussies were tough and sensible.

Alas, they are also going the way of the rest of the squishy, sucky, soft-totalitarian, freedom quashing, terrorist-loving sucky leftist West.

I guess nobody Down Under cares.

This makes me absolutely sick. 

There is no question in my mind anyway, that Bill Leak was hunted down like an animal by the ghastly "human rights" mutawa and that the stress of this "life" hasted his death. 

This adds insult to injury, something the political left is so good at anyway.

This is basically a grotesque episode of Orwellian political theatre, and another sinister display of just how taxpayer-supported bureaucrats terrorize innocent citizens. These same tormentors are pissing on Bill Leak's grave and prancing about his final resting place-and it bloody well should be his resting place- like a pack of baying, blood-thirsty hyenas.

There is a lesson in this: the left will never, ever, ever leave you alone.

There is no "live and let live" for them.

Hell, there isn't even a die and let die for them!!!

The disgusting persecutors of this man, who very likely hastened his death, should not enjoy any more opportunities to celebrate their utterly wicked ways, nor be feted for anything remotely resembling a commitment to free speech.

Sickening and pathetic.