Friday, May 19, 2017

Mark Steyn: The Poisoning of Robert Spencer

In case you missed this post by Mark Steyn, you must read it in its entirety now. 

This is just another example of the torrid love affair between the political left and Islam. Both end ultimately in nihilism and that's one of the reasons they get along so well.

But as a commentator on Katie Hopkins Twitter feed put it recently "feminism (and intersectionality) ends at Islam's doorstep" and certainly that can be said of all of political leftism as well.

All of the left, for all its bluster, ends at Islam's doorstep where it takes off its shoes and defers to its masters.

That is why there is no leftist outcry over grooming gangs in the UK, about child rape by migrants in Europe, no outcry by western feminists about Female Genital Mutilation.

These groups also meet at Jew Hate Junction and societies that take the antisemitic road and end up at that junction never fare well. They actually don't survive  or thrive and they really don't deserve to.

He notes:

"...after two generations of social engineering, of the substitution of attitudes for education, it would require too much effort to equip yourself to argue against the difficult questions a man such as Robert Spencer raises. It's literally easier to kill him."

"Not yet in the blood-lusting exultant scimitar-raising style of the decapitators of French priests. But just through whatever you've got in your stash that might ensure he'll be flying out of Reykjavik by the handles. So for the moment there is still a continuum. But it's narrowing, and will narrow still."

I think Mark Steyn is being too kind. I think the blood lust is build right into the DNA of the political left as well. History demonstrates that very, very clearly.  

The jihadists may be the ones doing the actual slicing, but the political left does everything else to support this thuggery and nihilism. They fund it, organize it, vote it and cheer it on in every which way. 

These BFFs hate the west, they loathe Western civilization and no, they will not ever rest or ever go away. 

And it's not just the spiritual vacuum they are filling in this precious world of ours, it's our physical space as well. 

Stop feeling helpless and get mad. 

Hug all your loved ones and lead the charge. 

Shabbat Shalom.