Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump In Saudi Arabia

I heard that Trump gave a corker of a speech in the Magic Kingdom so I looked up the whole transcript.

There's lots of really nice kick-ass ISH bits, but the only small problem is that actually and HELLO SAUDI ARABIA IS THE PROBLEM (as well as Iran).

So, I'm not riding the Trump Train on this one.

The good parts are that Melania and Ivanka did not wear veils and I do love the idea of the Saudis having to respect Jews on Saudi soil-that part is awesome. Like seriously Jewlicious.

I don't like that one of the frum members of Trump's entourage reportedly had to eat crackers and fruit for Shabbat. That's just classless. They could have brought some proper food for the guy on the plane and planned for that guy (and for Jared and Ivanka et al). I mean, it's not like there's a kosher restaurant in Riyadh or a local Chabad AMIRITE????

But I digress. So, a few good bits, definitely less submission than Obama but Saudi Arabia is a big problem AHEM 9/11 AHEM COUGH COUGH (and yes, I know the Saudis are also scared sh$tless about the nutty Iranians and that has made them cold, calculated Machiavellian "friends" with Israel.

Still, respect and suspect.

The Israel part of the trip will be interesting as well.