Monday, May 8, 2017

Steve Bannon: Not an Antisemite, Smart, Brilliant, Etc...DUH!!!!!

This is a good article and kudos to Jeff Kwatinetz (a liberal, and a Jew) for speaking on the record. 

The only problem generally with these kinds of articles is that they are basically a spin on 'so when did you stop beating your wife'.

The truth doesn't matter to a lot of people. It's irrelevant. Facts are irrelevant.

Still-worth the read and good on Mr. Kwatinetz for speaking up.

The last paragraph is really interesting on so many levels.

"I only know his political views because we worked so many hours on this Warner deal, and on building our company, that we would talk about politics. He cares about politics, and I care about politics, and we disagree a lot, so it gave us a lot to talk about. I have Republican friends and Democrat friends, but I saw a study last week that said most people in California who voted for Hillary Clinton don’t have any friends who voted for Trump, and I believe that. Democrats think Republicans are devils and Republicans think Democrats are devils. But Steve is not a devil. He’s a great guy, and if it gets me in trouble for telling the truth, then it gets me in trouble."

I think that most conservatives are capable of having very polite, extremely sociable and amicable relationships (I don't use the word 'friendship' because I think that's a very different level of relationship) with liberals. I can't say I've seen the reverse very much at all. I also don't think that conservatives think that liberals are the devil. Generally I would say that liberals think conservatives are primitive, uptight, mean and closed-minded (plus all the trendy 'phobics'). I think conservatives are much more charitable toward liberals and forgiving on an inter-personal level even if we think that political leftism is soul-corrupting and a sinister ideology.

And it's truly refreshing to see a liberal say he's willing to take the heat, or 'get in trouble' , as he puts it, for telling the truth.

That's where we are at right now: you will get in trouble for telling the truth.

Shutting up is more important than the truth.

As for me and my house: nuts to that.