Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Ignited

When I first heard about the latest terrorist atrocity in Manchester, I said that it reminded me of the Dolphinarium bombing in Israel.

Does anyone remember the Israeli teenagers who were slaughtered at the Dolphinarium. I sure do, and I sure remember one writing in Hebrew, 'defiantly', lo nafsik lirkod, we will not stop dancing.

At the time I remember being slightly haunted and slightly bothered by that sentiment, though I couldn't really articulate why. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that with this enemy, there is actually no such thing as defiance.

In the Second World War individuals did undertake acts of defiance on a personal level, and at very great risk. They defied their Nazi tormentors, they defied orders, they defied the command to die, they had babies, they married and they became part of the resistance among other acts of defiance large and small.

But the meaning of defiance is now convoluted and has absolutely no meaning with respect to Islamic terrorism. It is not "defiant" to just go about merely living our lives. It is not an act of defiance to merely go on living (a semblance of living of course because you are living as the living dead) when they slaughter our friends and families. No "defiant" threat or promise means anything to these barbarians. The mentality is so convoluted, so nihilistic and so pro-death that our rather modest and actually pathetic Western ideas of defiance now are laughable to them, as they should be laughable to us.

Mark Steyn has some very sober and salient commentary here about the (most recent) Manchester attack. 

He mentions the concept of defiance, and I think we're on the same page. There's another element other than the No Speak Islam issue.

How about the fact that it is our murderers who are currently always the "real" victims, how about the never-ending and pathetic and sinister attempt to turn themselves into the "real" Jews and the Jews into the "real" Nazis. We have been conditioned to accept these lies wholesale, and that is part of the problem and is like a match that lights our collective funeral pyres.

Jews are the new Jews.

Sorry not sorry. If anything, it's the Islamic terrorists of today who are the intellectual, tactical and philosophical heirs of the Nazis.

I'm angry. I'm angry at all the gutless, despicable politicians who are so afraid to say Islamic terror. I'm really mad that the political left is married to Western destruction. I'm so sick of it all.

Our "leaders" need to grow a spine. We need to force them to do the right thing or get them to get the hell out of elected office. We need to use real words about real problems. We need to reject the lies. We need to tell the truth, to ourselves, to our children and we need to force others to do the same.

We need to make this evil crap impossible to implement. Look at the timing. We need to push this back:

We need to make this impossible. We need to force our employees in government to do the right thing and stop trying to murder the truth tellers instead of the actual barbarian murderers.

We need to stop Tweeting pictures like this. This picture makes me vomit. These kool-aid drinking officers have to get some self-respect. Stop the flowers and and the teddy bears and start fighting evil, dammit.

This is not a "touching" picture, it's a joke. Our enemies laugh in our faces. This is weakness, it's pathetic.

We need more of this. This is from Kay Wilson, a British-Israeli terror survivor who had a machete plunged into her body more than 20 times by a savage Palestinian, who also murdered her non-Jewish friend.

We need more of this, more pushback of the obscene attitudes of law enforcement officials who have abdicated their entire and only raison d'ĂȘtre in favour of drinking the multicultural, dhimmi kool-aid and pleasing their leftist political masters and the encroaching jihad.

Then we have disgusting cretins such as Doug Saunders not only peddling obfuscations about the "European" origins of these terrorists, but also digging out a former security official who has the nerve to compare the current British security forces to the communist secret police.

Sinister and pathetic.

I'll tell you some things that I don't care about. I don't care a whit about the hypothetical backlash against Muslims that never materializes. In fact, if you care about that, I don't care about you-period.

I don't care about whether it was a lone wolf or a pack of wolves. I don't care if he or she had mental health issues, liked gardening or Tim Hortons. I don't care if he or she is a revert. I don't care what skin colour they have. I don't care if they are married or not. I don't care about world class monuments going dark (shame on them all for their useless virtue signalling of surrender).

I am tired of hearing that these savages are "known to police". The security forces think somehow that makes it all better when in fact, it makes it much, much worse and makes our murderers laugh  at us all the more robustly.

When these events happen, it is not acceptable to feel bad, preen and then go back to sleep. We require constant vigilance and muscle right now-political and intellectual. Our whole civilization is going wobbly.

Last night I watched my children fall asleep and smelled their fresh pyjamas in their darkened rooms and watched until they were breathing rhythmically. I couldn't tear my eyes away or move. Paralyzed with emotion, guarding over them, praying, thinking. Why do we fight? Why must we? That's why.

My friends: 

Be extravagant in expressing your love, militant in your protection, unapologetic of your strength and fearless in your approach to guarding our superior way of life before it's too late.