Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Daniel Greenfield Is One of the Best Writers in the English Speaking World

This is one smart Jew. 

I am profoundly moved by this essay. 

And this is utterly magnificent. 

I feel these words in my bones. 

I read a Torah commentary over the weekend (and I am trying to get an electronic file for you all) that said that when almost 7,000,000 Jews stand together silently at one time and place that is the kind of mystical and magical gathering of Jews in numbers that haven't been experienced since we received the Torah at Sinai. What a miracle. We are truly living in the age of miracles.

I feel so blessed to be a Jew, to be a mother. To be a Jewish mother.

Daniel Greenfield is blessed with tremendous Jewish knowledge and depth and the ability to express deep and thoughtful Jewish wisdom through such incredibly well-chosen words. His words really sing and soar.

Tremendous, simply tremendous.