Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mark Steyn: The Midnight Train

Behold: the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH with some thoughts on the victory of Angela Merkel M. Macron in France.

The whole essay is excellent (of course) but the reality can be said in a few short words by Steyn. The "leaders" of these countries, the chippy lefty globalists :

"If you're in the first-class cabin to the executive suite at Davos, the elites you meet from elsewhere around the globe are not surly and self-segregating like the resentful "youths" of les banlieues, but urbane and charming chaps just like you - fellows for whom this really is a borderless world, in which one is wafted effortlessly from Harvard or Oxford to Goldman Sachs' Hong Kong office to a hedge fund in Dubai to a cosy sinecure at a UN agency in Vienna or Geneva... Who could possibly object to such an agreeable planet? What are all these ghastly unwashed masses on about? Can't they see all the benefits of the world we've ushered in?"

Then, the Marktastic nugget:

"...these people do not live in the world they have built for their subjects." 


That is all. 


I have a few more things to say. First of all, if you haven't noticed, Mark Steyn is doing lots of great spots on FOX News nowadays and that is a good thing! I hope this partnership will be very successful and let us also hope that the sartorial ripple effect will be felt all over the globe. Lots of nice suits and pocket squares happening, YUGE variety, YUGE!

Sorry-what were we talking about? Did it get hot in here? Just me? You sure? 


Anyway...the other exciting development is The Mark Steyn Club!

Have you joined? 

This is a fantastic and really creative way to keep Mark Steyn afloat financially and creatively while he slogs away at the various lawsuits that have been running FOR YEARS in order to punish him in every capacity: financially, professionally, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

He's doing a lot of this on all of our behalves while providing a infidelicious motherlode of fresh, original content for free and being the de facto world free speech leader. 

I personally think that Mark Steyn should revise his resume AGAIN to add philosopher and/or prophet BUT HEY FOR REAL AND NOT FOR JOKING WHAT DO I KNOW I'm just a lone Jewish mother, clacking away on a laptop somewhere in Canada pining for Mark Steyn the fjords of my youth. 

*waves again*

Bottom line: Join now and join often!