Monday, May 15, 2017

Not One Inch

So, I've been very busy as usual yada yada yada but I did want to make sure that this was my "top" story for the evening because it's a doozy.

It's a "Canadian" story but it's also the story of the gutlessness and decline of Western civilization so it's worth your time.

Basically, a Canadian writer had the nerve to suggest, in a publication for writers and by writers, that "cultural appropriation" is a load of hooey and that writers should be able to write whatever they want. That is what fiction is: DUH!!!!!!

Anyway, a bunch of (clearly overrated) Canadian writers that I never, ever heard of and thank G-d, have never socialized with and couldn't care less about got VERY OFFENDED by the concept of freedom of speech and freedom of fiction. So scalps were offered promptly to the High Priests of Political Correctness and the uppity white male Jew writer was offed. From his position at the publication of course but not before some other, slightly better known Canadian "talent" started saying that actually, we should have a cultural appropriation prize! Was it serious? Who knows. And who cares?

Others basically said PEOPLE! Calm the EFF down. 

Personally, I thought that the idea of a cultural appropriation prize was hilarious and frankly-one of the more gutsy and ballsy things that has ever happened on the Canadian literary landscape in my lifetime. Hint: "cultural appropriation" is you know, like fiction. Duh. It's making up stuff. HELLO!!!

But the Officials in Charge of Humour or Lack Thereof in Canada got OUTRAGED!!! Then even more writers that nobody ever heard about started demanding MORE HEADS because IT'S NOT FUNNY because DIVERSITY OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

So anyone who ponied up money for the Cultural Appropriation Prize and anyone who Tweeted about it was offed or blacklisted or both or banished because YOU WILL SHUT UP YOU EL STUPIDOS AND EL NON-SENSITIVOS!!!!!

Apologies were proffered but the gods demanded scalps! More scalps!

So, now two white male Jewish writer-editor types are on the Canadian Liberal Party NGO Phoney Baloney Jobs At CBC Cocktail Party Shit List.


So here are some of my thoughts.

Jon Kay showed some backbone and at least admits that he was feeling quite self-censored for quite some time. But I guess that political move from right (ish) to left might not have been worth it after all.

Obviously, even writing a gagtacular blowjobby ghostwrite for PM Hairdo doesn't guarantee you cocktail party entrance for life if you offend the "wrong" people.

("Why isn't Justin taking my calls?!?!?" Why did he stop following me on Insta???!?!")

Feels like high school all over again (GAH).

The truth is that this sh&t is happening all over the world. 

You do have to have a reasonable pair of stones to push back on this stuff and prepared to take your lumps for standing your ground including being bounced out of a job.

The reasons these totalitarian jerkoffs have so much power and can ruin peoples lives and livelihoods is because WE NORMAL PEOPLE are always paying protection money.


Tell them their ideas suck. Because they do.

And you know the best part: they know they suck as well. They are just pretending that they are sooooooo wise and soooooo special and sooooo anointed. All of their blathering is just masturbatory, collegial virtue signalling because all of them live exceptionally conservative lives no matter what public lip service they pay to radicalism. 

What do you think the worst is that will happen?

FACT CHECK MAH PEEPS: (the 'fact check' of course is another grotesque leftist invention, another lefty whopper just barely disguised as truth)

They will never go away, there is never 'live and let live' but at least you will be able to live with yourself.  And you may save someone else from this misery.

It is pathetic, and unbecoming of a citizen of any alleged democracy that writers have to articulate as basic idea as "unpopular ideas shouldn't be silenced, they should be debated". 


But as Mark Steyn has said many times, they don't want to debate. They don't even want to win the debate, they just want to shut it down.

They want you to supersize that steaming hot cuppa SHUTUP.

What "should" writers be "allowed" to write about?

As per Mark Steyn: EVERYTHING.

For goodnessssssake people, grow a pair.

You know, Mark Steyn has been exceptionally gracious to Jon Kay under the circumstances. 

Anyway, you should never apologize for having a brain and having thoughts and opinions.

You should never apologize for thinking as an individual, for making jokes and you should never roll over and shut up and never give an inch because it will never end well for you.

You know who is laughing their head off right now as well?


All those who subscribe to an anti-Western philosophy are killing themselves laughing right now. All of the enemies of Western civilization don't have to lift a finger, pull a trigger or waste a single bullet. Why?

Because we are going to politically correct ourselves right out of existence. 

We will go out not with a bang, not even a whimper but with a finger wag, and incessant, droning mini-fascist voices demanding that we shut up, shut up, shut up. 

So just don't.

You're welcome.

Good night.