Friday, May 26, 2017

G7 Fashion Update

In summary, Melania is a hottie with great taste. 

I mean for real and not for joking, that purple dress in Saudi Arabia??? Just SHUT UP.

And how about the black outfit with the gold belt? Gazonga. Also, the brown shirt-style casual dress, and the leather suit. Seriously, she's really rocking it.

Marcon's grandmother looks really stiff and awkward.

Kathy Shaidle made me promise that if she dresses like that when she's geriatric, to please kill her. I had to oblige. What are friends for? I know she would do the same for me if I ever start wearing those horrible Menopause Outfits that women of a certain age are prone to wear. I shan't go into details here.

Lady! Mrs. Marconrobinson! Yoo hoo!

You're almost a hundred years old, no knees, please. Are you sure you're French?!?!?!

This is oh la lawful...

The award for most dour goes to Mrs. Caliphate, if I were here I would have hidden in the back row. Did the photographer put her beside Melania on purpose for added comparison cruelty?

But getting back to Mrs. Caliphate, oh but what a floozy! I can see not only her face, that slut, but also her hands. HARAM HARAM HARAM!!!

Queen Mathilde looks absolutely lovely. Totally age appropriate and tasteful.

That is all