Sunday, May 21, 2017

Chemistry! One of My Absolute Favourite Topics In the World

I think I have to write a whole book about chemistry.

Not laboratory chemistry but people chemistry.

I find it absolutely riveting. I love pondering chemistry between friends, between like minds-you know when there is that click, and you feel it in your brain or your heart? What is it about someone that makes that click happen, and why is it exclusive to those two people at that time? Isn't it fascinating how someone can make sparks fly in one person and be a complete turn-off to someone else?

I could spend hours discussing this topic. I just love it.

So there are different kinds of chemistry of course, there's the male-female kind but that's just one kind, there is also the friendship  kind, where you know in a nanosecond that you are going to be friends with someone forever-no matter where you are in the world and no matter what you go through in your life.

Anyway, here's a piece here that I spotted on Instapundit, and it's more about male-female chemistry. 

I do think the sense of smell is vastly underestimated when it comes to relations, impressions and particularly with respect to memory.