Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can The Humanities Be Saved?

A very interesting question, and an equally interesting piece from PJ Media by Janice Fiamengo. 

I have heard from many university students in the humanities about trying to write and present papers that have political views that are contrary to those held by the professors and/or the TAs of the course.

In most cases, the students have felt forced into taking positions that they don't agree with, but know will garner better marks.

Certainly, I can attest to a decline in spelling, grammar and general writing skills among younger generations today. I see resumes with spelling mistakes, fundraising solicitations with typos and run-on sentences galore.

Is cursive writing taught in schools anymore? A lot of kids have terrible penmanship nowadays as well. Just because you learn to type at an early age does not mean that good penmanship is not necessary.

I think there needs to be a return to the basics.