Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The TSA is a Disgraceful Farce and is Just Airport "Security" Kabuki Theatre

Can someone please explain to me how disabled children have become a more dangerous threat to airline security in America than any other population? 

Who are the utter cretins who design and enforce these policies? 

This is another disgraceful episode in the ongoing groping techniques of the TSA.

This time patting down a young child with Cerebral Palsy.

You know who "pats down" disabled, helpless, vulnerable children "aggressively"?

Pedophiles-that's who. 

If that child was "patted down" in any other location, we'd lock the perp up and hopefully throw away the key. 

Can it get much worse than that?

If this was my child, I would have refused to have her searched. I would have handed the camera over to someone else, to film me refusing to let that happen.

Spread this story around. 

This situation will only change when enough people refuse to have their disabled, and elderly relatives strip-searched and groped, or when enough sunlight is shone upon this disgusting agency.