Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jew-Bashing At Universities

A very concise summary of the current state of affairs for Jewish students on many campuses around the world.

PAGING Bernie Farber, paging Abe Foxman!

Paging all alphabet soup Jewish organizations. Hello Shimon Fogel of CIJA!

David Harris of the AJC, all Presidents and Executive Vice-Presidents for Life of Jewish organizations.

All Multicutural Outreach Coodinators from the Jewish community.

All Shabbat Outreach Messianics.

I dare any of them to link to this article.

I double dare any of them to discuss and debate it in person, anywhere-any time.Much easier to shriek about Ulta Kacker Neo Nazis Mit Magic Markers.

Money nugget:

"So, if you are going to hate someone, remember Jews, especially pro-Israel Jews, are vulnerableThey not only get no protection from campus administrators; they also get almost no protection from their own communal organizations."

"You cannot openly hate, or even disparage, protected groups: to point out the actions of radical Islam will cause you to incur the accusation of Islamophobia. Gays, lesbians, and transsexuals are off-limits. Tainting the environment against women will have you hauled before a campus Star Chamber. Fat people, maybe, but even they are usually off -limits. Basically, that’s why the campus has Jews. And if you really are going to evict anyone, start with the Jews because not only will no one protect them, but you can count on a number of  their own people coming forward to defend your right to cast them out."