Friday, April 20, 2012

Must Read: The Great Caroline Glick, The Elephant of Jew Hatred

"Netanyahu's rhetorical boldness in drawing the parallel between Iran and the Nazis is arguably the only reason that the EU and the Obama administration have taken any actions against Iran. No, as their feckless negotiations with the mullahs, their foot-dragging in implementing economic sanctions, and their outspoken opposition to military action against Iran make clear, they do not really mind the prospect of Iran acquiring the ability to wipe out the Jewish state. The only reason they have adopted sanctions at all is because Netanyahu's Holocaust rhetoric made them fear that Israel would attack Iran's nuclear installations if they didn't."

The whole article is excellent, and the conclusion particularly a sage warning.

Read it all. 

The Jewish people and Israel have only themselves to depend upon. Others can be friends, but in the end-the survival of the Jewish people depends wholly on the Jewish people and the Jewish nation, and it's better that way.