Monday, April 2, 2012

Melanie Phillips on George Galloway and the Rot in the UK

 Read it all-she nails it.

"...this is a dangerous moment for British politics.When my book Londonistan was  published in 2006, my warnings about the supine response of the British governing class to the Islamisation of Britain were dismissed as scare-mongering.

"What we are now seeing, however, is of course far more alarming even than that response by a complacent and ignorant elite which appears to be possessed of a  desire for cultural suicide."

"With George Galloway and Ken Livingstone manipulating Islamic religious extremism in order to gain power for themselves, we now stare at the appalling vista of a political landscape transformed by religious sectarianism."

"The very democratic process is at risk of being turned into a vehicle for the promotion not just of religious bigotry but of the destruction of the West itself."