Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where are the Fathers?

Here's a look at an "anti-bullying" strategy at a troubled Toronto high school.

The good part about this is that this is probably the first time in their lives that many of these children have held civilized, polite and respectful conversations with people. It certainly seems like sedate, polite conversation is a new thing.

The bad thing about this is that adults are expected to interfere with kids and their social issues, and that kids who are bullied don't learn to fight back. They learn to seek out others to help them fight, and that their mothers are going to be there to help them "win" their fights at school and otherwise. This is not a great life lesson.

The other question I have is: where are the fathers.

Talking things out is a very feminized concept. Bringing in the mothers-more of the feminine. Where are the fathers, and where are the male role models?