Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Erev Steynamite, Baby

Goy alert:  Jewish holidays start the night before the actual day.

"Erev" is Hebrew for evening, thus there is "Erev Rosh Hashana" (the night before Rosh Hashana), and I always joke about December 24th being Erev Christmas.

THUS: Gather ye hatemongers, from near and far for Erev Steynamite is upon us!

Now, regarding Steynamite-I can't say how I know, or exactly what I know.

In fact, if I told you what I know, well, I'd havta kill ya.

Photo of Mark Steyn liberated without permission from the oppressive confines of Andrew Lawton's web site. 

(Better, more recent, groovier photo comes with rather excessive legal baggage, but can be seen here.)

(Is that a pink shirt? A sartorial reverse salute to Pink Celebrate Diversity Day?)


Needless to say, if you attend, you can expect to laugh, think, ponder, perhaps marvel and just generally enjoy yourself-and by that I mean have a dandy time listening about Western societal suicide whilst laughing your ass off.

It doesn't get much better than that!

It's gonna be a hate time in the old town tomorrow night!