Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Steynamite: Initial Thoughts From A Night to Remember

I can't sleep-and sleep is for p&ssies anyway, so I thought I would jot down a few random thoughts from STEYNAMITE-which was really a night to remember.

It was indeed a veritable feast of slaughtered sacred cows, and it is hard to imagine any aggrieved identity group who would not have been offended, and to count precisely how many hate crimes were actually committed ("YUK"-hahahhahaa). Those are just some of the highlighs!

There were songs, Mark's fully-veiled and exceptionally modest third (fourth?) wife and repeated affirmations of our inalienable right to be treated as individuals, equal under the law and a scathing admonition of the way in which our actual human rights are violated by a burgeoning class of bureaucracy and our freedoms eroded by such regimes in incremental, "painless" steps.

There were cheers as Mark talked about how he and Ezra Levant "went Full Magna Carta" on the human rights regime's ass. (That's a keeper!!)

There was Kung Fu fighting, too!

There were a few times that I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. But there was pleasure in pain! A Steyn speciality! Laughing your way off the cliff of cultural doom-enjoying the Downward Plunge (hey, that could be a new expressive dance move for Michael, or at least a funky new yoga position).

Furthermore, my awareness of awareness raising days has never been more focused or...errr...hmmm...aware!

The awareness even penetrated Mark's sartorial choices, olofactorial choices (body odour awareness raising) and his choice of under ware. (The Acquisition of the Pink Boxers story goes down with me to the grave-and that's a promise.)

Penetration! Pink underware! Sorry, were you saying something? Was I? Oh NEVERMIND.

Some other random thoughts:

Jon Kay gave a pretty funny introduction to the "conservative jamboree" (I didn't take notes, this is just from memory) and rightly pointed out that when you can make people laugh, you can talk to them about things that they might not normally listen to-and that is one of Mark's gifts.

Michael Coren gave a rousing and spirited defense of Judeo-Christian values, and who knew he was a Closeted Modern Dancer? His book Heresy looks like a good one, and I'll be sure to read it, but a second career in dance might be forthcoming although not advisable.

Krista Erikson is lovely and ballsy and can walk elegantly in 6 inch Laboutains! We, the ladies of the front row salute you! Krista-next time wear the Cole Haans?

So much more fun: the Imam reconnected with Mark (Facebook? LinkedIn?), a grand and generous shout-out to Kathy Shaidle, a surprise visit by Dick Cheney (jokes!!).

But perhaps the highlight of the evening for me-Mark singing those three little words to me directly from the stage...

Those three little words that can mean so much, that say so much in so little, that make a conservative gal's heart go aflutter:


Alas the evening came quickly to an end.

But I also need to testify to two other things-Mark's entourage remains gracious, loyal and fashionable! Melissa's boots-still great! Tiffany looks lovely in dusty rose-something I absolutely cannot say about myself. But, I do rock periwinkle-just sayin....

There were so many other great moments and great phrases, but as I say-I wasn't able to take notes.

One phrase that I made a mental note to remember was "moral frivolity" which I am sure Mark will elaborate on in future columns-it's a very concise way of framing our current societal problems. Just perfect.

A last note about Mark's supporters, well-let me tell you, the front row was filled with people who are each impressive in their own intellectual and philosophical right, who are loyal friends and formidable allies and supporters.

Individually, they are forces of good-together, they are simply a power to be reckoned with. The people you count as your friends (and as your enemies) says volumes about you as a person.

It was an honor to be seated among such an illustrious group, and to be associated with that calibre of spirit and fortitude of character.

Thanks to all the people who came up to say hi and encourage me to keep writing, and tell me they enjoy my work.

Perhaps more another time, or not!

A fantastic evening, and a rousing and inspiring call to action-STEYNAMITE was just perfect!