Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack

Back in town. Exhausted, but happy. A fabulous Passover season.

Some immediate reflections before I collapse-I'm almost seeing stars now.

Israel is great.

The country is strong and beautiful, service is great, food outstanding and Israelis have a zest for life that is unbeatable. Sure, they all moan and kvetch about this and that, but for the most part-it's a country that lives for life.

The "fly-zilla" was an epic fail UNLESS it was only designed as a PR stunt, in which case the cancelled tickets clearly were cheaper than purchasing even 1% worth of ads as opposed to the earned media internationally. I'm starting to think that was the actual goal, rather than a "successful" mission.

French people still dress fantastically-lots of fantastic narrow suits on men, lots of beautiful basics on women AND the country is not overrun with obesity. Impressive. But they have lots of other issues.

More stories, anecdotes, perhaps a few photos and regular blogging to resume once I catch my breath.