Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Despicable Abuse of the Disabled

My blood is boiling.

If I ever caught anyone doing this to my child, they would find themselves without a critical body organ or two.

Hat tip: Mandy Manners.

Two teachers in Alabama were caught making fun of a 10 year old child with CP, and have not been dismissed from their position. The board is thinking about it, and are apparently making some kind of decision on April as to what action should be taken against the teachers.

This is any parent's worst nightmare-abuse. Especially for children that may not be able to talk and report the abuse.

Please spread the word about this, post a link if you can in order to say that you have Little Joe's back, too. 

The school is in Wicksburg High School , Alabama. I'm trying to find contact information for the school board. Exposing these bastards, and putting public pressure on the board is a good thing.

Let it be warning to all the disgusting creatures that dare abuse a disabled child.