Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video Games Are For Losers

Men who spend hours upon hours playing video games are losers.

I don't believe that playing video games leads to mass murder, as this article suggests. It just confirms that most people who spend hours staring at a screen, playing games are morons who are "happy" wasting countless hours being completely unproductive.

It is completely boring to hear people discuss games, discuss their high scores, their new gaming systems or wax nostalgic about old video games (or X-Box, iPhone app games, Atari, or whatever they are called in current parlance).

Hearing people talk about their video game fetishes is about as interesting to me as when people talk about their precious food sensitivities, and how their delicate constitutions cannot handle raw sugar/wheat/gluten/dairy or whatever, and how precious they are because they have weaned off coffee, wine, transfats, butter or some other food product.

I don't care if you drink "fair trade" coffee.

I don't care about how or why you waste so much time with your nimble fingers gaping at a screen, instead of doing something functional with that time. The more time you spend with games, the less time you are involved in reality. If that's your preference, it's odd and anti-social and emasculates men.

Dear men-instead of gaming, go read something, fix something, build something, play outside with your friends or your kids, volunteer, or cut down timber.

You're welcome!