Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steynian Human Rights Violation: Tuesday!

A veritable Steynapalooza in the media, in the lead up to Tuesday's Steynamite show.

Do read "Grope & Change". Ha!

The whole thing is funny in that dark, "Happy Warrior" sort of way.

Actually, my favourite part is this:

"Americans! What do you expect?" The Queen routinely turns down requests from visiting U.S. presidents to reinforce the garden walls and replace the windows of Buckingham Palace – for an overnight stay. When the U.S. was the richest country on earth, the mad excess used to impress in a crude kind of way: If you've got it, flaunt it. Now it's the Brokest Nation in History: America hasn't got it, but still flaunts it; which is kind of pathetic."

This bit is about America, but it could just as easily be about the HEY I'VE STILL GOT IT/cougar demographic.

If I ever, ever-and I mean EVAH turn into a "haven't got it, but still flaunts it" (ie: Madonna), please SHOOT ME.

Thank you.

Nice piece in the Post.

I quite like the headline: Diving gleefully into the darkness.

Whilst playing Peggy Lee records? Hmm. That sounds not bad actually. Throw in some schmaltzy fifties ballads, and some cheesy sixties pop, and voila! The perfect soundtrack for societal suicide watch....

How about a little Etta James instead this morning instead?

This song is dedicated to all the "neo-Nazi white supremacist"schmucks with their black magic markers, squatting on "neo-Nazi" hate sites on the internet and babbling about "white power" and how the JOOOOOOOOOOS control the world.

Get out of the basement! Live a little!

Abandon all magic markers, ye that enter here!