Saturday, April 28, 2012

People Are Mentally Ill

Just when you thought you had seen it all, apparently there are people who fake being disabled in order to compete in athletic competitions for disabled persons.

What kind of a pathetic trophy-hunter would do such a thing? Because the public has a "fascination" with disabled athletes? That's a pretty creative excuse.

I often have to explain to people who have perfectly healthy, able bodied children why actually it is not OK to park in the handicapped parking spot even "for a second", because some of us have handicapped children who can't walk, or can't walk more than 20 feet comfortably, or may have to unload a walker or a wheelchair. They are indignant! It's just "for a second". They couldn't care less that they should feel happy every moment of their life that they will never need to know the reason why people need those spaces.

This story is pretty outrageous. It shows that people are so hungry for praise that they would "compete", as healthy, able-bodied individuals against disabled ones just so they could be superior and "win".

This is a terrible reflection on our society.

An individual who is truly disabled that conquers adversity and excels in sport is an inspiring force.

People who fake disabilities for prizes or parking passes are complete and utter scum.