Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cleveland Cops Bag Another Dangerous Perp

The perp was armed and dangerous!!!

Bringing a BB gun to school is not a good idea mostly because it could have been mistaken for a real gun, and the bullied kid could have been hurt by police-who could have thought it was real.

However, the proper response to bullying is to push back the bullies harder than they ever pushed you, and make them find another target and yes-this is exactly the advice that I live by and that I give to my children.

This is the absolute wrong way of dealing with bullies.

As Kathy pointed out, what would have been shocking not long ago was that a 12 year old had announced his sexual orientation.

I would add that going to the media would also been an unheard of way to deal with a bully. And, in this case, being in better physical condition, in order to be able to beat the crap out of a bully is a much better strategy than having a minder.

That's yet another show of weakness.


It would be far better to spend the babysitter money on Karate lessons for that kid.