Tuesday, June 5, 2012


If there is one cliche that I really hate it is the one that is so often quoted by schmaltzy Jews talking about the peace process-they always mangle it, anyway.

It's the one from Golda Meir about how we'll have peace when the Arabs love their kids more than they hate the Jews, or whatever.

It's a totally idiotic quote, because the point is more that the Arab and Muslim world has to abandon their pathological hatred of Israel and Jews, and choose life over the death culture that there MIGHT be some kind of possibility for a cold peace.

It's really got nothing to do with loving their kids. The mothers who send their children off to be suicide bombers believe that they are doing the very best thing for their children-making them human sacrifices and that they get bonus points for murdering as many infidels as possible while they are at it.

This is their expression of maternal love. Clearly, not my cup of sweet tea-but you get the point.

Maybe the expression should now be 'there might be peace when Palestinians choose giving their people clean water over their Judenhaas'.

Evelyn Gordon points out:

"But regardless of what happens to this particular project, the lesson is clear: Faced with a choice between promoting their people’s welfare and harming Israel, both the elected Palestinian government and civil-society leaders unhesitatingly chose the latter. And until Palestinians reverse this order of priorities, peace will continue to be impossible."