Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wussification of Men



Terrible. The guy in this video is actually nice looking, slim and has good taste in clothes. His voice and annunciation are a bit metrosexual though, and I think he would look much better if he let the hair go naturally salt and pepper, and grew a little scruff on the face.

Personally, I can't stand that baby's bottom shave that makes grown men look like eleven year old boys.

And that shiny skin? Really not attractive, actually repellant. 

Men are lucky in that when they age-they look 'distinguished'. You would never say a woman looks 'distinguished' as she ages. So, men should embrace the masculine thing.

The best way for men to look good as they age is first of all-not to be overweight. I'm not saying muscular, but just not fat.

Also, wear clothes that fit. Make sure hair is cut neatly, beard trimmed, and that other facial hairs are not poking out where they ain't supposed to be and walk tall. If your hair is thinning too much, embrace the bald. The bald is very sexy when done with confidence-but it goes with slim.

I would not look to the woman in this video as an expert on style. She looks caught, unfortunately, in the early 80s-when she was probably more in her prime.

I've gone over women's basics a number of times, so I won't bore you now with that.

Men should be manly.

Women should be feminine.

What is so difficult about that to comprehend?