Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another View on Climategate and Jerry Sandusky

Good grief. 

The story gets worse and worse, the cover-up deeper and deeper.  (Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur.)

And take a look at this document separately as well. 

"...Spanier's strength at Nebraska lies in academics, but he is also known as a liberal individual who pushes an aggressive social agenda."

"He very much focuses on affirmative action and a pro-homosexual agenda," Loudon said.

"Loudon, who used to live in New Castle, Pa., said Nebraska and Pennsylvania have comparable social atmospheres, and Spanier might be considered liberal at Penn State as well."

"Watch out for his social agenda and make sure he doesn't make it a priority over academics," Loudon said. 

Now, off to the American federal government. 

What could possibly go wrong?