Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Female WaPo Blogger Mad That Sarah Palin is Hot

I think that's the point of this blog post. 

This woman:

Is mad that Sarah Palin wears tight capris, wedge sandals and sunglasses and t-shirts, or something like that.

But here's something I don't understand.

It says:

"Somehow, Palin has achieved celebrity status since the 2008 election. How many failed vice presidential candidates and former Alaska governors end up with book deals and reality TV shows? With an estimated net worth of $12 million?"

I dunno-how many career civil servants end up being millionaires never having worked for a nano-second in the private sector? 

Then, more snark:

"I’m sorry, but I’d like my minister, my doctor and yes, my politicians, to look and dress for their parts."

Nothing superficial about that...carry on....

So, what exactly should 'failed vice presidential candidates' and 'former Alaska governors' wear? Isn't Sarah Palin just a private citizen now? Or just a citizen with a PAC? 

This is a serious question-are individuals heading PACs considered politicians or regular citizens?

I guess everything would be OK if she wore these shoes: