Friday, August 15, 2014

A Brief Report on Our "L'Chaim to the IDF"

It was a very nice evening and a real success.

There were homemade falafel balls and homemade humus and lots of beer and wine and really, really nice people.

(Blog friends, synagogue friends, relatives, just a whole bunch of neat, smart, pro-Israel, funny, great people.)

Great conversations and lots of laughs were had by all.

We don't entertain that frequently, but when we do-it's really quite exhilarating and we're always glad we did.

A lot of my blog readers have made very generous contributions to this project so thank you.

In the next couple of days, my husband and I will figure out the best and most practical use of everything we raised and get it directly to Israel as soon as possible. We read an article today in the Hebrew press about a lone soldier who is still in hospital with very serious injuries, whose sister is basically his mom, because their parents are completely out of the picture (sounds like some kind of pretty bad dysfunctional situation). That might be a really good match, so we are going to get in touch with them and I will update.

We're also checking into a Shabbat dinner/food for families of injured soldiers, and specific items that injured soldiers still in hospital need.

Our former neighbour, who moved to Israel about 9 years ago has been visiting injured soldiers and their families and making tons of homemade cookies so we may loop her in as well.  I wish I could be there with her doing the same thing. She's a trooper.

As soon as we have the exact details, I will post about it. I'm really delighted that we could all pull this off, and will update you all in the next few days about bringing our L'Chaim to the IDF to complete fruition.

G-d bless you all and Shabbat Shalom.