Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Childrearing Random Post: Manners Matter

Last Saturday, I took my son for a walk and stopped in the park.

We have a special needs stroller for him because although he can walk, he tires easily.

He went on the play structure and was having some fun, and then decided after a few minutes that he had had enough.

Another kid, about 12 years old was also on the equipment. My son has an unusual gait, kind of wobbly walk, so the other kid was staring at him. He also looks different.

Some (asshole) doctors call this "FLK" syndrome. Funny looking kid-yes this is a real thing. Look it up if you like. I know he looks different, and I couldn't care less.

My son started to hobble down the ramp, and the other kid was in front of him. This kid looked back at my son and yelled "why is he following me".

So I said "he's not following you".

The kid then looked at me, laughed at him and yelled "he looks like a zombie".

I tell you, I was pretty pissed and upset, but I didn't say anything.

I really would have loved to scream "hey kid, you know what F&CK you-you're a zombie", but I kept my mouth shut and my son hopped on the stroller (totally oblivious to the comment) and was laughing and smiling.

And this episode just reminded me that there is such a thing as good breeding.

And good breeding has NOTHING to do with money.

It's not about one's economic level.

It's about parents doing their job to raise polite children who have manners and social graces.

So, though I would have had momentary satisfaction opening my big mouth, I was focused more on the fact that this child will have a lifetime of suffering from his disgusting lack of manner and lack of consideration. His parents failed. Such low class. Disgusting. 

Money can buy a lot of thing but not good breeding. Manners matter. Courtesy matters.

These things, of course, can be learned, but are better transferred by parent to child by example.

So there's that.