Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Great Communicator Flubs It In Epic Fashion, Unable to Communication His Greatness to Actual, Real Men Who Actually Served Their Country


It is true that only the Daily Mail has the 'nads to describe America properly nowadays.

The collective American Media Castrati are unwilling to surrender their Obama afterglow. It still feeeeeeeels soooo goooooood!

(Great phrasing: "Tepid clapping followed pregnant seconds of emptiness.")

You know NARS has that "Orgasm" blush, it's their best seller. 

I think they should come up with a new blush called Obama Media Afterglow.

Not buying it: An estimated 10,000 American Legionnaires registered to attend the convention in Charlotte, but few of them were on their feet clapping for the commander-in-chief

Anyone else still get annoyed by the ever present Royal Teleprompter?

The Greatest Communicator Ever EVAH EVAH in the whole history of the universe still cannot speak even a full sentence without reading it off a machine? 

Does this guy have any human blood running through his veins at all?