Monday, August 18, 2014

Wishful Thinking: "Why Obama Is Driving Jews From the Democratic Party"

Seriously wishful thinking, dude. 

The reason that throngs of liberal Jews voted for Obama TWICE and continue to give money to the Democratic party in the US is because they are first liberals, and then ethnically Jews-or "just" Jews by birth.

Their religion is liberalism, but they sprinkle and tinkle little social justice code words into their trite monologues with a Yiddish accent to make people think that "social justice" = Judaism.

TIKUN OLAM!!! They screech!


Whatever their little pet little cause is, if they say it with conviction, and with a moderately Jewish/Yiddish accent then it's JUDAISM (according to them)!

So, it matters not to these liberals (who happened to have been born Jewish) that America is pro-Hamas, and that basically in voting for Obama TWICE, they are supporting Hamas against Israel.

Their allegiance is to liberalism, extreme liberalism first-sadly, even when Israel is under existential threat.

Even when it's suicidal.

Yes-it's that bad.