Monday, August 18, 2014

Today in Eurabian Judenhass, Dateline Amsterdam: Kugerplein, Again

Remember: "Never Again" is dead. 

In Amsterdam, one lone, brave Jewess makes a bold statement.

Do you know much about where she is making her statement? 

The article notes that she is a Mexican Jew living in Amsterdam. Imagine all the wandering that this one Jew has done, but is still, clearly not finished wandering. It's not as though Jews are indigenous to Mexico. Much wandering indeed.

"Leah Rabinovitch will probably not remain in Transvaalbuurt forever. It is too hostile there. Going to the supermarket and having to look over your shoulder constantly, fearing Muslim aggression, is not fun. If she moves, the neighborhood is again in the process of becoming Judenrein -- another step on our way to the multicultural paradise that awaits us all."

"There is not even any outrage."