Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Seige of Gaza: Who Is Really To Blame (Hint: Not Da JOOOOOOOOOS)

Excellent essay here from Khaled Abu Toameh at Gatestone. 

This guy is really brave.

Kudos to him.

Why Israel has been bragging about keeping the flow of humanitarian goods to Gaza has QUITE LITERALLY been keeping me up at night.

Then, a few nights ago a thought occurred to me and it's the only explanation that I can think of for why.

Why fund and supply the enemy that wants to destroy you?

The only thing I can think of is that sending "humanitarian" aid to the people who want to murder every last living Jew on the planet is some kind of way to deflect world pressure on Israel to open a port and airport in Gaza.

Does that make sense?

There is no other possible explanation for this kind of suicidal "humanitarian" activity.

However, this will fail as well. 

You can not buy off the world, and not appease your enemies with goods, money or good will.