Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Must Read: Former AP Correspondent Explains the Degree to Which the Media Loathes Israel and Jews

It's a very honest reveal of how disgusting the mainstream news organizations are, how virulent the hatred is toward Israel and exactly how the editorial policies are shaped. 

Here's an insightful bit:

"Like many Jews who grew up late in the 20th century in friendly Western cities, I dismissed such ideas as the feverish memories of my grandparents. One thing I have learned—and I’m not alone this summer—is that I was foolish to have done so."

"Today, people in the West tend to believe the ills of the age are racism, colonialism, and militarism. The world’s only Jewish country has done less harm than most countries on earth, and more good—and yet when people went looking for a country that would symbolize the sins of our new post-colonial, post-militaristic, post-ethnic dream-world, the country they chose was this one."

And this sentence is a keeper:

"Coverage is a weapon to be placed at the disposal of the side they like."

Media coverage is a weapon.


Another good nugget:

"You don’t need to be a history professor, or a psychiatrist, to understand what’s going on."

"Having rehabilitated themselves against considerable odds in a minute corner of the earth, the descendants of powerless people who were pushed out of Europe and the Islamic Middle East have become what their grandparents were—the pool into which the world spits. The Jews of Israel are the screen onto which it has become socially acceptable to project the things you hate about yourself and your own country. The tool through which this psychological projection is executed is the international press."